I segreti dell’Eleganza Curvy

When you are equipped with curves that can not go unnoticed, better put in evidence or not? This is the dilemma.

Also, if you had an aesthetic problem due to the overweight, even localized, due to a protruding abdomen, hips of important, of imposing legs, of height out of the media, how to approach the right purchase for us?

The important thing is to feel good in your clothes, at ease. They always say that. But then it is very difficult in practice to translate your desire elegance in a proven leader in the dressing room.


In general, the so-called women’s plus size , have different evaluation parameters of a leader, very personal, based on their projections. Unfortunately, the leaders on the market do not always meet the needs of women “special”. And not because they are the sizes. Those are all right! There are known brands and successful who devote their talents in the production of so-called sizes clothes “comfortable.”

Let us remember that the “special” women constitute a majority, not an exception! Most women, however, do not often admit to having to enter, even in part, in a 48 and often goes in stores with sizes standard.


The models developed commercially, especially for clothes and twin-sets , are products of  standard industrial sizes , in a range of sizes ranging from slim  to plus.  This means that a waist size 42, you match one above it just as in tg 42. Suppose you want to buy a dress for a special occasion of .L’abito also want slim with a 38 and a 42 to bust basin, does not exist, unless you go to buy “custom” . Also, you can not always shake, shorter, wider … an industrial clothes made ​​with overlock or in the famous centimeter sewing, this is part of the optimization in supermarkets.

We are light years away from personalization.

Nor is it easy to dress a seventh D cup bra, for example … with a bottom size 42, especially when it comes to finding a ceremonial dress .  The clothes on the market are designed technically by industrial pattern-respecting table standard sizes , for above and below that are for plus size or not, it does not matter. The woman industry brings the same size uniformly distributed throughout the body, above and below.

Often it is not just “to have put on a few extra pounds” or have an obesity problem. The plus size fashion and cater to a large part of the population, the population of “real”, “true”, existing .. even for these reasons.

picture 14

But we are not here to give lessons to women to “apple-shaped”, or “triangle”, if anything, to seek ideas and solutions.

Fortunately in this fashion it comes to us. Take for granted, for example, that a large, shapeless dress is the only option for a woman with a top prosperous, including abdomen, she is already starting on the wrong foot. We do not think the dress usually hidden by long cardigan just below the pelvis and XXL shirt that covers all the flaws.

Acting within that follows, signed Marina Rinaldi brand curvy expert, we see how a suit by the cross-line, with the right press, can greatly enhance a generous and beautiful shape rather than a thin and flat.


Fashion brings in vogue leaders articulated, asymmetric, draped and deconstructed. Capes, cloaks for example, are items that allow you to feel at ease, being able to show a silhouette attractive curvy and corroborated and / or hide at will a side b  is not quite perfect, while wearing a substantially fitting dress.


If our forms were generous and sexy, well distributed, as someone are those of Kim Kardashian , one might venture bandaged silhouette skimpy clothes.

Kim, very proud of her buttocks giunonici almost surreal and her breasts busty, has managed to upset some of the most common forms of perception rules. It has always maintained that a pink and in general the pastel colors, such as Horizontal End-Suction lines, tend to further expand a figure, maybe pretty but provocative. However it may not be so and she shows it in full.

In short, we seek not only to think “Out of The Box” (out of the box) do rather than the box (the limits) does not exist. All relative ė, in essence.

Here Kim acting within crop-top, great idea for those with generous hips and slender waist, on a tight line, with the result that light up the face and highlight the complexion, appearing proportionate and sinuous.

vu4cjz-the-610x610-skirt-kim kardashian-coordinate + + high-waist skirts +-crop tops +Transparency, and shiny fabrics are always very elegant for each size. And if you can afford a daring neckline, that’s it. urlHow to get a perfect line? The leaders secrets to wear under the plus size clothing  that you think might be? The ‘ intimate corrective  latest generation of silicone-based materials and restraints, is the new must-have of lingerie, especially for important occasions.

The new modeling for breast, waist line, hips, abdomen, thighs, sculpt the body like magic and help to even get into a size smaller no room for doubt. For curvy women and not the new intimate anatomical modeling  or restraints  promise miracles! A sly cunning trick that many of us are already familiar with.